Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still Alice

It could be just me, but I think that the husband has some of the same symptons as Alice.  I haven't finished reading the book yet.  He just doesn't want to admit that something is different with him.  He took it hard when he found out about Alice.  He even cried.  I could almost hear him say, no, not her too!!  This can't be happening to the both of us at the same time.  What about the children!  Or.....since Alice took that big step to find out what was happening, he now has to go to the doctor to determine what is happening with him too

This book caught my attention from the very first sentence,  It's probasbly because I am at that age that I can identify.  Is it menapause, is it my nerves, is it my husband/mate, is it my children, is is dementia, is it......????  It could be none of these, some of these or all of these!    Malinda P.

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  1. Sometimes I think we worry about small mental hiccups that may have been happening our entire life. That is what I've found and the less I worry the less hiccups I have. So in a life that is undergoing so much change (as your's is) may be what is the causal factor - - stress, not cognative decline.


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